Trump administration official to be sworn in as top lobbyist at a company that handles Trump-branded goods and services

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer will be sworn into office on Jan. 2 at the White House, a White House official confirmed Monday.Joni Lamb, who was tapped by Trump to be his chief White House ethics lawyer under the new administration, will take over her role from deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh.“Katie is committed […]

Lambs earplant, leg of lamb removed from hospital, vets’ reports of illness

Two lambs’ ear parts have been removed from a Brisbane hospital after vets were unable to treat them with antibiotics, according to hospital officials.Key points:Vets said they were unsure if the animals were sickThe lamb parts were found in a lab and were being kept in a sealed container for safety, hospital officials saidThe lab’s […]

How to Get a Lambo Tattoo for $1,000!

LAMBO SUSPENSION, Fla.— — The NFL’s Lambo Suspension Committee approved an unprecedented new set of guidelines Monday that ban players from wearing lambo-style tattoos on their arms, back and legs.It was an unprecedented move by the league and its players union, which has been embroiled in a bitter dispute with Lambo, which was founded by […]

‘We’re in a happy place’ after lamb chop temperature test

In a test conducted at the Lamb Chop BBQ in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, beef beef and lamb were tested on a lambskin temperature scale.The temperature ranges between 1,000 and 2,500 degrees Celsius.The meat was also subjected to a three-way mash to ensure there was no contamination.Beef and lamb, which have been used for generations to […]

How to be a true fan of your favorite game, even if you don’t own it

This article first appeared on The Verge.Read moreThe latest video game release from Sony, Persona 5, is coming to the PlayStation 4, and Sony is trying to sell it as a new generation console that will give you a taste of what’s coming to next-gen consoles.But that’s not the case.Persona 5 isn’t a next-generation console, […]

Chicken Lamb Soup recipe is healthy and delicious – and cheap!

The chicken broth, lamb chops, and other condiments are served in a broth-like broth.This soup is a simple but flavorful broth with a slight tanginess to it.The chicken and the lamb are the stars here, but the rest of the ingredients are pretty standard.1 pound chicken breast, cooked, boneless, skinless 1 cup chicken broth 2 […]

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