Why the Google Glass hype is fake

It’s no secret that the Google glasses are going to be a massive hit.

That’s because they’re super-powerful.

The fact that they’re wearable and they have a lot of sensors means that Google will be able to make the experience of seeing a screen even better than it already is.

But it’s not just the hardware that makes the Google glass special, it’s also the way it’s being presented to the world.

When it launched, the glasses were presented as a device that you’d put on and use for fun.

Google Glass was the ultimate in fun-to-use, smart glasses that you could use for a variety of different things.

It’s not a product that anyone really wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on.

That didn’t stop Google from launching them in large numbers, however, and they were sold out pretty quickly.

That wasn’t a fluke.

The Google Glass craze wasn’t entirely a Google product.

The company has been making the product for quite some time, with the first two iterations being sold as part of its Glass app store in the fall of 2014.

But as more companies followed suit, Google Glass became a more and more prominent part of the Google ecosystem, with partners like HTC and Samsung joining forces to produce the device.

The first Glass was a pretty basic thing: a plastic frame that you put on your face, attached to an antennae that connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

This was the same kind of device that the company would make with its Project Tango project, and that is what people were initially buying into.

But after the Google I/O developer conference in early January, it became clear that this was a different kind of product, with a much more polished presentation.

The Glass experience didn’t look much different than the original.

It didn’t have an actual screen or an actual camera.

Instead, Glass was much more focused on the fact that you’re wearing a transparent display.

The glass was transparent to the extent that you didn’t see the actual device.

And this is what was different.

The camera, the antennae, the display, and the headset all had a transparent glass, which made it look more like a real thing, rather than just an optical illusion.

That meant that the glass could be used in a variety on-screen applications that were more immersive and comfortable than what you’d get with a traditional phone.

There are other ways that Google could have marketed Glass in a way that was more engaging, but this was the first time that they did it in a more refined, personalized way.

Google began selling Glass at the developer conference, with its developer preview being available in stores for developers to preview.

The software for Glass was still a little rough around the edges, so it took quite a while for developers and consumers to get a handle on the device and how it could be best used.

But that didn’t matter to Google.

In the weeks after the conference, the company launched a promotion where it offered a free Glass unit to anyone who bought a Pixel phone, a smartphone made by Google.

The promotion was supposed to last two weeks, but was extended until May 19.

The idea is that if you get a Pixel, you get access to the Google TV app, which is an on-demand streaming video app that is a key part of Google’s business.

You can watch a live broadcast from a variety, like sports, documentaries, and live sports.

Google’s app is actually a very good fit for this use case, and Google Glass is actually great at using the device in this way.

The more users that Google can get to test out the device, the more likely they are to purchase a Pixel and start using it.

The Pixel is currently one of the best phones on the market, and with Google Glass on the way, the Pixel may soon become the best phone on the planet.

So when it comes to selling Glass, Google is essentially playing catch-up.

Google wants to keep Glass as a consumer product, but they also want it to be used by a lot more people.

It seems like Google’s strategy is to make Glass a product people are willing to buy, and to do that they want to make it a little more polished and more personalized.

But what does this mean for the future of Google Glass?

As with the company’s other product, Google wants Glass to be something that’s as accessible as possible to people who want it, but not as big as they’re used to.

That means that the first Glass units will likely have a slightly different design than the ones that people have already bought.

They’ll be a little bit smaller, and some may not have antennas, but all the same sensors will be present.

But the first unit that gets released will be a lot bigger, and people who buy the first one will have access to all of the features that users will be using on their own Pixel phone.

That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually a fairly small price to pay for a little

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