How to use a ‘slur’ on a sandwich

A “slur” has become a trendy item in Canada, and the new word is being adopted by some of the country’s most prominent restaurants and pubs.article source Google Search (Canada), YouTube (United States)The term “sluur” was first coined by Canadian writer and journalist Paul Leger in 1967.

He was one of Canada’s leading critics of racism and bigotry and wrote several books, including “The Slur,” a book that detailed his own experiences in Canada.

He said it was important for people to know that they can use “slurs” as a form of communication without feeling ashamed or offended.

“It’s not that we are going to get rid of all the slurs that we use, but we will have to think about them,” Leger said.

“We’re going to have to consider them when we use them and if we think they are offensive.”

In a blog post titled “I’m not a slur,” Legeder said he and his wife, the late Margaret, were a bit of an outcast in their own small town.

The couple went to live in Toronto, but the couple said they became increasingly concerned about their safety because of the way they were treated and how they had been treated in the past.

They eventually found a restaurant, and they said they were able to speak freely about their experiences there.

“The restaurant is very welcoming and welcoming of us and the staff.

We really enjoyed the food,” Legeres wrote.”

And I remember saying to my wife, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone like you before.'”

She replied, ‘You know, you’ve seen me many times before.’

“But the couple also said they felt like “sluts” because they used “slutty” language.

They said they never thought of themselves as “slaves.””

They are people, just like us,” Legeser said.”

I’m just a person.

I don’t feel like they should feel like we are slaves or anything.

“The Leger family eventually moved to Winnipeg, but they were not happy there.

They eventually settled in Alberta, where Leger wrote a book called “Ladies in the World.”

The couple said Leger was always outspoken on racial issues.”

He wrote a lot about the need for better education about racism and it was a very important subject in the day when the KKK was still around,” Leganes said.

While the Legers’ experience in Canada was not unique, it was the first time they had ever heard the term “Slur.”

They said the term was used in the United States and Europe, but not in Canada until the late 1990s.”

A lot of people used the word Slur as a way of getting away from the fact that you were being treated badly,” Leegers said.

A recent report found that more than two-thirds of American children in public schools were at least five years behind in reading and math.

That report found, however, that children in Canada were far behind.”

There’s a lot of ignorance in Canada and the United Kingdom and the rest of the developed world about how racism works and what racism means and how we need to tackle racism,” Leghans said.

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