What to know about a controversial bill that would gut protections for transgender students in Louisiana

I was just in Louisiana and I found myself at a school that has made headlines for the past few years.

For years, the school has been under fire for a long list of violations, including the lack of sufficient safety and health protocols for students.

The school’s history of anti-LGBTQ discrimination is well documented, and the school had already been shut down in 2014 when a transgender student asked for help finding a new school because she could not find one she could afford.

I was at the school because I was there to report on a bill that the state legislature is considering, which would gut the state’s protections for trans students.

And then there was the fact that the bill was sponsored by Republican state Sen. John Morgan, who was in charge of the state Department of Health, and his Republican allies in the Louisiana state legislature.

Morgan has not been shy about his disdain for LGBT people, calling them “the enemy” and suggesting that they are “not worth protecting.”

Now he is trying to pass a bill repealing the state law that protects trans students from discrimination, and making it much easier for students to be kicked out of the school.

In my state, I’m the only Republican senator who voted for the bill, which is why I’m here to say: Enough is enough.

I’m not supporting this bill.

It’s a disgrace that Senator Morgan is trying this to pass legislation that has no place in our state, and it is not the type of bill we need to be doing in our legislature.

This bill will be a blow to the entire trans community and I think it’s just a disgrace.

We can do better than this.

So I am calling on my fellow Republicans to oppose this bill, to stand with the trans community, and to make sure that this bill is not enacted.

I want to reiterate that the school district has not discriminated against trans students in the last three years.

I have heard from the transgender community, who have told me that it is a very safe environment for them.

I know that many of the people who work at the hospital have had transgender patients, and many of them were really happy with the way the school was run.

There was a lot of pride in the school and a lot that I could learn from them.

But it’s time to stop trying to force trans people to live in fear and put us on the same level as everyone else.

It is unconscionable that in 2017, in a country where LGBT rights are so widely accepted, this bill would be passed by the Louisiana legislature without any public input, let alone a public hearing.

We are not going to have a better understanding of how to protect trans people until we get the answers to those questions, and that’s why I am asking my colleagues to stand up and oppose this discriminatory bill.

What we have seen is a rush to pass this bill and to do nothing to protect the transgender students.

This is an assault on the trans people of Louisiana, and I urge my colleagues in the Senate to join me in standing up for the transgender communities and to support the transgender people of our state.

This will not be an easy fight, but we are not out of time.

On June 5, 2017, I was one of several legislators in Louisiana who stood up to oppose the bill in the state senate, which passed the bill by a wide margin.

The bill, HB 3237, would remove protections for students from being kicked out based on their gender identity.

Under the new bill, schools that do not comply with the state school district’s requirements would face penalties, including suspension and possibly loss of state funding.

The proposed law also would remove any local or state law protections for LGBTQ students and create new discrimination protections that include anti-discrimination protections for teachers and staff.

In a letter to the governor, I said that this legislation would create a “dangerous new situation where our children are vulnerable to being bullied and denied education.”

The bill passed the state house by a vote of 10-3, but the governor vetoed the bill on June 12, 2017.

The Louisiana Senate passed the measure by a 60-39 vote on June 23, 2017 and the state Senate voted to override Governor Edwards veto on June 26.

I called on the governor to veto the bill and asked for him to put his veto pen on the table to veto HB 3233.

He said he could, but it would take some work.

I urged him to make the case that the legislature needed to address the bill before he could take action.

But after more than five months of the legislature debating the bill every single time the governor was asked about it, the governor made the decision to veto it.

It would take another month for the governor and the legislature to reconcile their differences and vote on the bill.

I hope that our legislators will follow my lead and allow the governor’s veto to stand.

In the statehouse, on June 24, 2017 in the

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