Lambs earplant, leg of lamb removed from hospital, vets’ reports of illness

Two lambs’ ear parts have been removed from a Brisbane hospital after vets were unable to treat them with antibiotics, according to hospital officials.

Key points:Vets said they were unsure if the animals were sickThe lamb parts were found in a lab and were being kept in a sealed container for safety, hospital officials saidThe lab’s owner has been advised to dispose of the partsThe Queensland Department of Health (QDOH) said it was aware of the issue and the laboratory was in a secure location and was working with the lab owner.

A veterinarian in the Brisbane suburb of Campbelltown, who was in charge of the animals, said the two parts were removed from the lab last week.

“We did not find any signs of infection, and the lab was closed for further investigation,” Dr Matthew Fauvel said.

“The lab has been sealed in a container that is designed to keep out pathogens, and we’re working with our lab owner to remove the lab and the parts from the site.”

He said the lab had been taken out of quarantine for further examination.

Dr Fauvell said the parts were being stored in a laboratory where a second laboratory would be opened.

“They are not to be used, stored or sold, but will be disposed of,” he said.

The QDOH said the part of the lab in question was closed to the public and the two lambs were being cared for in a safe environment.

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