How to be a true fan of your favorite game, even if you don’t own it

This article first appeared on The Verge.

Read moreThe latest video game release from Sony, Persona 5, is coming to the PlayStation 4, and Sony is trying to sell it as a new generation console that will give you a taste of what’s coming to next-gen consoles.

But that’s not the case.

Persona 5 isn’t a next-generation console, according to Sony, and Persona 5 is coming on next-year-only hardware, which is a big problem for the company.

“It’s not going to be next-level.

It’s going to have an update on it that is a little bit more basic than next-generations,” said Matt Frank, a Sony marketing director.

Frank’s comment comes amid an ongoing controversy over whether next- generation consoles are the right way to go. “

That’s a real pain for our gamers.”

Frank’s comment comes amid an ongoing controversy over whether next- generation consoles are the right way to go.

Many developers are worried about being left behind in the PC space, while others are looking to build on existing platforms like the PlayStation and Xbox.

“I think it’s a problem with our industry,” Frank told The Verge this week.

“If we were to have a more traditional console business, we wouldn’t have to worry about a future console coming next-to-next-generation.

It would just happen.”

This is one of the reasons why next- gen consoles aren’t expected to be as big of a part of the console industry as previous generations.

That said, Sony’s marketing team is working to change that.

Frank said the company is looking to offer more choices, with new features like the ability to create and share screenshots of your game.

That way, it can have more choice in how its games are marketed.

“What we want to do is we want people to be able to create the games they want,” Frank said.

“We don’t want to say ‘this is the best way to do this.’

It’s not.”

For now, Frank said, the company will only release games that have been updated to the latest version of its engine.

He also said that the company isn’t working with third-party developers to bring the PS5 version of their games to the next-Gen console.

That’s a major concern, as Sony’s previous console, the PS3, was built around an update engine called Xcode.

The company has a number of games on the horizon that could be updated for next-Generation consoles.

For example, Capcom’s new Street Fighter V will be coming to PS4 next year.

Sony is also working on a PlayStation 4 port of The Elder Scrolls Online, but it hasn’t announced when it will release it.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs 2 will be making its way to the PS 4 in the next few weeks, but Frank said that Sony won’t release the game until it has more games on it for next generation consoles.

“As of now, it’s just Watch Dogs and the game itself,” he said.

Frank added that Sony will be working with developers to make sure they can use next-GEN hardware as much as possible, even with games on next generation systems.

He said that “we’re working on some really good things,” like the option to add new content for PS4 games on PlayStation 3.

But he said that’s a “lot of work,” and it’s not an option for everyone.

“The fact that you can get an update in to that next-next generation version of the game that you bought is a real concern, especially for people who want to have the full experience of that game,” Frank added.

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